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Conference topics

  • Energy transition: national strategies, impact of circular and shared economy on energy
  • Smart grids and new electricity market regulations: death spiral of utilities, demand charges, load management, storage, renewable integration, ancillary services
  • Energy corridors: pipelines, cross-border electricity interconnections
  • Unconventional oil and gas: fracking, market developments, innovation, environmental impacts
  • Biofuels: current markets, cellulosic and next generation biofuels
  • Energy as a service: end-user energy demand, new business models, energy consumer behavior
  • Climate change and carbon markets: carbon pricing, cap and trade developments
  • Energy in transportation: trends in vehicle sales, zero-emission vehicles, autonomous vehicles
  • Energy systems: heat networks, sector coupling and optimization, circular economy
  • Energy and finance: investments, risks, financial and insurance markets, fossil fuel divestment
  • Energy and macroeconomics: international trade, innovation, growth
  • Energy policies: key players, theory, regulation, institutional barriers, conflicts with trade laws
  • Local governments and initiatives: local mobilization, land-use, district heating, microgrids


The IAEE advances the knowledge, understanding and application of economics across all aspects of energy and foster communication amongst professional energy analysts.

Organisers 42nd conference


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