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Opening Plenary Session
Thursday May 30, 9:00-10:30 am

Room: Banque Nationale Auditorium (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Welcome address and opening statements
Pierre-Olivier Pineau, General Conference co-Chair and CAEE President
Christophe Bonnery, IAEE President, 2019

Julie Cusson, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Boralex (to be confirmed)
Johanne Gélinas, CEO, Transition énergétique Québec

Local Energy, Global Markets and the Energy Transitions
Chair: Pierre-Olivier Pineau, General Conference co-Chair
Keynote speaker: Chris Knittel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dual Plenary Session 1 and 2
Thursday May 30, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

1. Energy Modernization and Transition

Many countries have decided to implement policies to move towards a more sustainable energy system. This plenary covers the experiences and motivation of different countries.

Room: Banque Nationale Auditorium (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Chair: Aaron Praktiknjo, RWTH Aachen University
Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser University
ZhongXiang Zhang, Tianjin University
Johanne Gélinas, Transition énergétique Québec

2. Market Access and Infrastructure

Market access is an increasing challenge for energy producers: lack of pipeline, limits in transmission capacity, or other missing infrastructure become a serious concern in many countries.

Room: Salon L’Oréal (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Chair: Peter R. Hartley, Rice University
Jean-Denis Charlebois, National Energy Board of Canada
Jean Côté, Suncor
Jürgen Weiss, The Brattle Group

Dual Plenary Session 3 and 4
Friday May 31, 9:00-10:30 am

3. New Business Models: Prosumers and Future Grids

New technologies are evolving and challenge old business models. This plenary focuses on trends, new ideas and challenges to ensure that energy needs are satisfied in a well-designed market place.

Room: Banque Nationale Auditorium (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Chair: Jorgen Bjorndalen, DNV GL
Hugues Giradin, Boralex
Marc-André Forget, OSSIACO
Hans Auer, Vienne University of Technology

4. Liquid Fuels and Transportation

While oil products have never been sold in larger amounts around the world, their future is challenged by environmental regulation and emerging technologies. The plenary focuses on the situation of biofuels, electric vehicles and future prospects for oil-based products.

Room: Salon L’Oréal (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Chair: Ron Ripple, University of Tulsa
Adam Sieminski, KAPSARC
Denis Arguin, Enerkem
Sagar Kancharla, WSP

Dual Plenary Session 5 and 6
Friday May 31, 2:00 – 3:30 pm

5. Can Energy Efficiency Foster Energy Access?

Reducing energy consumption and allowing more people to consume energy are two key challenges. Can the two issues be seen together? What do research and empirical evidence say about the best strategies to improve energy efficiency and access to energy?

Room: Banque Nationale Auditorium (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Chair: Maya Papineau, Carleton University
Saide Sayah, City of Ottawa
Sébastien Raoux, Transcarbon-IESD
Bernie Jones, Smart Village

6. Oil & Gas Challenges

Producing oil and natural gas becomes increasingly complex: new production technologies allow “non-conventional” resources to disrupt markets, while new social and environmental constraints add to the still existing geopolitics of hydrocarbons – in an uncertain demand context. The plenary presents fresh ideas on these current challenges.

Room: Salon L’Oréal (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Chair:Amy Myers-Jaffe, Council on Foreign Relations
Michael Binnion, Questerre
Robert Kleinberg, Columbia University

Dual Plenary Session 7 and 8
Saturday June 1, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

7. Load Profile Challenges and Energy storage

The electricity market will increasingly be challenged by consumption-reduction trends (PV, energy efficiency) and peak-augmentation ones (Electric Vehicles). Energy storage will contribute to manage these changes. This plenary covers key aspects of these already disruptive developments.

Room: Banque Nationale Auditorium (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Chair: Ramteen Sioshansi, Ohio State University
Karim Zaghib, Hydro-Québec
Ben Haley, Evolved Energy
Martin Larocque, Sigma Energy Storage

8. Carbon markets / Carbon pricing, how to combine cap and trade and taxation ?

Room: Salon L’Oréal (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Climate change imperatives have led different countries to implement carbon pricing schemes, either through cap-and-trade programs or carbon taxes. Key experiences are discussed in this plenary, to share successes and potential pitfalls.

Chair: Christian de Perthuis, Université Paris-Dauphine
Ian Parry, International Monetary Fund
Augusta Wilson, Legal Defense Fund
Onil Bergeron, Quebec Ministry of the Environment

Closing Plenary Session 2
Saturday June 1, 4:00 – 5:30 pm

IAEE Past presidents’ panel: How to align energy transitions with climate objectives?

Room: Banque Nationale Auditorium (Rez-de-jardin Floor)

Chair: Christophe Bonnery, Enedis (2019)
Keynote speaker: John WeyantStandford University
Peter R. Hartley, Rice University (2015)
André Plourde, Carleton University (2007)
Ricardo Raineri, Pontificia Univ Catolica de Chile (2017)