By using the above tool for registration, you will also be offered the option to register for technical excursions, the seminar and the master class on Writing in scientific journals.

To book your hotel at the discount rate, please click here. For student accommodation, please click here.

If you want to change some details of your registration afterwards, please send an email to info@iaee2019.org

The fees for the IAEE 2019 Conference, including welcome reception, Gala dinner, cultural evening and other activities, are as follows :

FEES (CAN$, taxes included)
(after April 1, 2019)
CONFERENCE (per delegate type)
Day Pass (Gala Diner not included) $400
Speakers/Chairperson (IAEE members; code required) $900
Speakers/Chairperson (non-members) $1000
IAEE members (general; code required) $1050
Non-members (general) $1200
Students* (IAEE members; code and student accreditation required) $550
Students* (non-members; student accreditation required) $650
Young professionals** (IAEE members; code and young professional accreditation required) $700
Young professionals** (non-members; young professional accreditation required) $800
Spouse/Partner (access to meals, but not sessions) $350
Biomont – Biomass Cogeneration Plant $25
SuncorMontreal Oil Refinery $25
Seminar (May 28) – Equilibrium Methods for Analysis of Environmental Policy in the Power Sector $30
Writing in scientific journals (May 29) $25
Conference One-Day Pass (Gala Diner not included) $400

*STUDENT DEFINITION: A student is someone who is enrolled in a degree-granting program (either undergraduate or graduate) at an institution of higher learning and registered full-time according to the definition of his/her respective academic institution, and who i s not employed full-time. Students must submit written verification from a professor or another verifiable school authority at their institution attesting to their full-time student status when making an application. Only IAEE student members, according to the definition above, may apply for Student scholarships to IAEE (CLOSED, deadline was February 14 2019) conferences and participate in IAEE conference events that are designated for student participation. The requirement must be met at the time of initial submission of research to the conference in question. For information on the definition of student, please visit the IAEE website ».

**YOUNG PROFESSIONAL DEFINITION: A young professional is someone who, although he or she may be employed full-time, is within two years of graduation from a full-time Bachelor, Masters or PhD program (or ABD post-docs) and is under the age of 35 . To qualify for young professional rates for a IAEE conference, a young professional must have graduated within the two years prior to the start date of the conference. A young professional must submit one of the following written verifications attesting to their young professional status: (a) Copy of their transcript from the institution they attended within the fast two years (b) Written letter from their faculty advisor attesting that they were a full-time student within the fast two years. To verify that an individualk is age is less than 35, a copy of a driver license or other government issued identity card (e.g., passport) will need to be submitted to IAEE. For information on the definition of young professional please visit the IAEE website »

***SPOUSE/PARTNER registration gets access to all meals (lunch, dinner, socials), but no access to sessions.

Important note:
By the act of registering and attending this IAEE conference, you agree that IAEE shall acquire the right to use your name, photograph, video recording, and/or audio recording in reporting on the conference in their publications or website, in publicity for future conferences, or in other reasonable manners for the benefit of the Association(s). You further agree to waive any liability on the part of the IAEE. and to hold the IAEE harmless, for any damages, injury or loss of benefits that you incur during your travel to or from or during your attendance at this conference.


All requests for cancellations or substitutions in regard to conference registration must be received in writing at info@iaee2019.org. Cancellations are allowed if requests are received before April 1, 2019, but each is subject to a non-refundable CAN$180 administrative fee. Requests for cancellations received after April 1, 2019 will not be valid, and in such cases, no refund can be made from the original registration fee, nor is any refund allowed for no-shows. There are no exceptions to this policy. Should you be unable to attend, however, a substitution may be made to transfer your fully paid registration to another member of your organization at any time up to April 15, 2019.